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Film & Media Workshops

WKU Exposure

Film & Media Workshops

WKU Exposure

A few things to notice…

1.  Whoever the cleaning is that comes in here every night is all about some House of Payne.

2.  Michael Danahy finds another voice/show/video to imitate every day.

3.  Adrian is becoming oddly outspoken and it is a little frightening but oddly hilarious.

3a. He just officially reached stalker status, congrats adrian.

4.  Lexi voice resembles that of a chain smoker more and more everyday.  Not implying that she is, just saying she should get that laryngitis thing under control.

5.  Alexis is only 14!!!!  Am I the only one that has been completely thrown off guard by this confession?

6.  Chante Bean seems to find a new dance move to illustrate every day.  Lucky for her I love her with everything inside of me or I would knock her out for dancing on me 24/7  : )

7.  Byron appears to be the video mastermind and I am completely jealous.  Maybe he will teach me when we go to school here together :  )

8.  Ashanti seems to be growing more and more exhausted with every second but is never ceasing to amaze me with each incredibly hilarious comment coming out of her mouth.  I love it, I listen for it with every conversation.  Wait, there she is again hahahahahahaha : )

9.  Sarah has a very odd obsession with candy and yet I am not surprised.

10.  Kearston Winrow will probably take over the world one day.  With that girl’s fearless attitude nothing stands in her way.

11.  Chelsie spends a very large quantity of her time on facebook but her wall posts always make me smile : )

12.  Although Kali broke my heart when she said she didn’t like Bon Jovi, her other musical interests are very impressive.

13.  The amount of inside jokes shared in this group is growing profusely every minute.  Somebody is going to need to write all these down.

14.  Brenda Vallejo is AMAZING.  And she is so so so smart with all this stuff we are just started to learn.  I am jealous.

15.  Sarah needs to lay off the salad.

16.  Kalie’s sports story is really good.

17.  Lexi’s obsession with cheddar could easily become dangerous.

18.  Mr. Gary fits so good in that song!!!

19.  Adrian is watching Scooby Doo on youtube….

20.  Our group just beasted this workshop….LIKE A BOSS : )

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A few things to notice…