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Grace Herrmann is a graduate assistant in WKU’s Office of Sustainability.
Students power sustainability efforts at WKU
Genesis Garnett, Caverna High School • June 13, 2023

Students at Western Kentucky University are doing their part to improve the...

A white squirrel scales the wall of Potter Hall on WKU’s campus.
Spotting white squirrels
Staff, Multiplatform Journalism • June 13, 2023

Water flows rapidly toward the entrance of Lost River Cave in Bowling Green. Exposure students visited the cave on June 6.
Different kinds of pollution present challenges to different water sources
Anna Bell Lee, Texas High School • June 13, 2023

The crystal waters of the blue holes at Lost River Cave may catch the eyes of...

David Oliver discusses the weather program in the Disaster Science Operations Center in the Environmental Sciences and Technology building on WKU’s Campus.
DSOC gives students experience in planning for unexpected
Nathan Mueller, Highlands High School • June 13, 2023

Who would’ve guessed that the Chicago Marathon and the Special Olympics in...

Leslie North, the director of sustainability at WKU, gives a tour of the food pantry in the WKU Office of Sustainability.
WKU Food Pantry helps students, faculty, staff ease hunger
Kiana Kirk, Caverna High School • June 13, 2023

Food insecurity is not what anyone wants to suffer through in life. For anyone...

A rain gauge stands under s dry sky at a weather station on the WKU Farm June 8. The gauges are one of the main tools used to track weather patterns through the Kentucky Mesonet.
Kentucky’s Mesonet system can save lives during extreme weather
Dawson Daniels, Caverna High School • June 13, 2023

Each site in the Kentucky Mesonet’s network of weather stations takes up just...

Chas Sisk, an editor at WPLN, demonstrates to multiplatform journalism students how the radio system works at the Nashville Public Radio station.
A day inside Nashville and its news sources
Staff, Multiplatform Journalism • June 13, 2023

Joey Reynolds, an agriculture technician at the WKU Farm, uses a recuperator to separate trash from the nutritious soil.
Collecting campus food waste begins production of compost
David Quintanilla, Bowling Green High School • June 13, 2023

Turning onto Compost Lane, the sounds of the gravel road and the scent...

Creamery Technician Nikki Roof lifts a cheese press while preparing a batch of cheddar cheese at the Hilltopper Creamery on June 8.
The cheese in the “Farm to Campus” program
Jackson Clark, South Warren High School • June 13, 2023

In the “Farm to Campus” program at the WKU Farm, one of the best known aspects...

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