Jackson Clark


High School/mascot: South Warren High School, Bowling Green, Kentucky. Spartans
Grade: 10
Age: 15
Favorite subject: Physical education
Extracurricular activities: Clark said the only extracurricular activity he’s participating in is the multiplatform journalism workshop.
Favorite cartoon character, anime, or superhero: Spiderman. “He has interesting powers, and he’s an interesting character,” Clark said.
Favorite song: No favorite song, but he does have a favorite band, Taley Hall.
Favorite slang word/phrase: “Ballin’”
Parents: Brittany Lloyd Gatlin and Dennis Clark.
Siblings: A half-brother, Duncan Clark.
Dream college: Western Kentucky University. “I’ve just been here a lot, and it seems like a nice place,” Clark said.

If you could have a movie made about your life, what would the storyline be? Who would star as you, and what’s the movie’s title?

The movie would be about a time when he cut his hand on a can of ravioli. Clark said the can cut him so deep it hit an artery. Clark said that Chris Pratt would play him in this movie, and that the title of the movie would be “That one time Sioux Jackson Clark cut his hand on a can of soup”.

What are your three must haves?

His phone, food and his computer. “I’m addicted to them, quite frankly, and they’re also great sources of information and entertainment,” Clark said.

What’s the best part about social media and the worst?

Clark said he liked that anyone from anywhere can get their voice out. Anyone can share their experiences and talk about things they’ve experienced or just want to share. Clark said this is also a disadvantage to social media.

What do you admire about Gen Z? What do you dislike about Gen Z?

Clark said he admires how carefree they are and how they don’t listen when someone tells them they can’t do something. “I admire how they do whatever they want,” Clark said. But Clark also said there are some things he didn’t like about the generation. “They don’t care about the things that I care about,” he said.

Did the pandemic change the way you live and do things?

Clark said that COVID-19 did not change anything for him. “I’m still a gremlin. I just sit in my room,” Clark said.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Clark sees himself having a job. He said he doesn’t have a specific job in mind and will be “just a regular guy with a regular job.”

What is your ideal life/dream job?

Clark said he would want to live in a golden mansion, but if he were speaking realistically he would have a nice house and he’d be an astronaut.

If you could live anywhere in the world for one year, where would it be and why?

Clark said he would want to live in Ireland because it’s a nice place to live, and the culture of the place is cool.

Who or what inspires you and why?

Clark said the one thing that inspires him is the internet. He thinks it has a very diverse landscape that has opened him up to many different things and resources.

If you could trade places with the president of the United States for one day, what would you do as president?

Clark said he would pass a labor reform law. “Put more restrictions on corporations and the like,” Clark said.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?

Clark said his biggest accomplishment was receiving a medal for a quiz bowl.

What do you see as your biggest regret?

Clark said his biggest regret was not caring about life until now. “I just think that if I had gotten myself together sooner, I could get myself into a better position in life,” Clark said.