Delilah Brumer


Cooper Bass

Xposure student Delilah Brumer sits on set during a tour of WDRB news in Louisville on June 15.

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Name: Delilah Brumer

High School: Daniel Pearl Magnet High School, Los Angeles, California

Mascot: None

Grade: 12

Birthday: Dec. 16, 2004

Age: 17

Favorite subject: Photography/journalism

Extracurricular activities: Print editor-in-chief at The Pearl Post, student body secretary, representative for School Site Council, Los Angeles Times School Insider board, journalism internship

Favorite character: Raven

Favorite song: “Put your Records On” by Corinne Bailey Rae

Favorite Slang word: “Like”

Parents: Aaron Brumer and Laurie McLaughlin

Siblings: Casey (age 14)

Dream College: Stanford

If you could have a movie made about your life, what would the story line be? Who would star as you and what’s the movie’s title? “I think the storyline would be about my journey through high school and Emma Watson would play me. The title would be ‘Opening Up.’”

What are your three must haves? Computer, pen and paper and recorder.

What’s the best part about social media and the worst? “The best part is how you can learn new things and the fast access to news. The worst part is how people only show one side of themselves.”

What do you admire about Gen Z? What do you dislike about Gen Z? “Gen Z is very open-minded, and that’s great. On the other hand, we are very over-isolated.”

How has the pandemic affected you? During quarantine I realized my passion for journalism. During online school, my journalism class was the only one I really enjoyed.”

How do you handle your mental health during these difficult times? “I usually just take deep breaths, give myself breaks and relax.”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? “I want to be an environmental justice reporter for the Los Angeles Times.”

What is your ideal life? “My ideal life would be me living in Los Angeles, being a reporter and having kids.”

If you could live anywhere in the world for one year, where would it be and why?

“Ireland. My mom’s family were Irish immigrants and I think the country is really beautiful.”

Who or what inspires you? “My journalism adviser. She cares a lot about her students and is really hard working.”

If you could trade places with the president of the United States for one day, what would you do as president? “I would make an executive order implementing parts of the Green New Deal.”

What would you consider your greatest accomplishment? “I wrote a letter to Vice President (Kamala) Harris and it was published in The Washington Post. I also wrote an article for Ms. magazine.”

What do you see as your biggest regret? “I regret letting some non-journalism friendships fizzle. I want to reconnect with them.”