Shelbie Heath


Elyse Owens

Shelbie gazes into camera.

Elyse Owens, Elyse Owens, and Elyse Owens

Name: Shelbie Heath

School: Bullitt East High School, Mount Washington, Kentucky

Mascot: The Chargers

Grade: 11

Birthday: Jan. 29, 2006

Age: 16

Favorite subject: History

Extracurricular activities: Cross country and track

Favorite superhero: Wonder Woman

Favorite phrase: Y’all

Parents:  Joe and Desiree Lagowski

Siblings: Logan Heath

Dream College: Notre Dame

If you could have a movie made about your life, what would the story line be? Who would star as you and what’s the movie title? “The storyline is childhood trauma as well as having an absent father and the star would be Lily Collins.”

What are your three must haves? “Food, sandals and getting my nails done.”

What’s the best part about social media and the worst? “The best part of social media is having connections with anyone. The worst part that everything is fake.”

What do you admire about Gen Z? What do you dislike about Gen Z? “Gen Z is very open about their emotions. The thing I dislike is no one knows how to be serious in certain circumstances.”

How has the pandemic affected you? “The pandemic affected my eating disorder.”

How do you handle your mental health during these difficult times? “I had support from friends and family.”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? “I see myself getting a doctorate and starting my own physical therapy practice.”

What is your ideal life/dream job? “I want to be in the country with family and become a physical therapist.”

If you could live anywhere in the world for one year, where would it be and why? “I want to live in Oregon. I love the rain.”

If you could trade places with the president of the United States for one day, what would you do as president? “I would send money out and correct the disadvantages for small towns and downtown areas.”

What is your biggest regret? “Caring too much about what others think of me.”