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It’s taken me awhile to collect my thoughts on how this workshop impacted me and how it moved me.

I wanted a full day to let reality crash into me, so that you know, when I say this. I mean it.

As a group, we accomplished more than I thought we could, this experience will stay with me for the rest of my life. I could not have picked a funner group of people to spend the beginning of my summer with. We all brought so much to the table, from our actual journalistic skills, to just our ability to make each other laugh, we made a scene wherever we went, and we didn’t care.

So here’s my personal send-offs and afterthoughts. Thank god tears don’t show up in text.

Kelsey Randhawa— It wasn’t until mid week that you and I really started bonding, but after that, there was not a single conversation we had that didn’t keep me interested. I feel like you and I connected so well, it took me a long time to realize it had even happened. I know we’ll stay in touch because I will still have papers I need proofing and like I told Franey in my profile “it’s much better if your stuff is critiqued by someone you love.”

Adam Pennavaria— DUDE. You are a brother to me, I can tell you anything, and vice versa. You and I will be singing my first kiss 45 years from now when the kids consider it an “oldie”. We will stay friends because you don’t let relationships like ours fade away.

Micah McClain—  I knew from the second we came to WKU, that you would be the driving force that made this workshop fun. This experience only made me realize how great of a person you are and how I am lucky that I get to see you all the time. I don’t care if we fought, because without those fights, we wouldn’t appreciate each others strengths and we wouldn’t know how much we cared for each other.

Kate McElroy— You have so much energy and a free spirit that really draws people close to you. Meeting you was one of the best parts of this workshop. Without you being around to help me edit my awful comma use and rework my sentences, I would have been lost. Thank you.

Darian Jackson— You’re the coolest, most captivating person I’ve ever met, and your drive will take you far in this world. If I ever come up to Bowling Green, I know who to call to get some good tips for when I go clubbing.

Simone Palmieri— I’m so glad I got to do your profile, learning about you gave me such a better insight into how hard of a worker you are. The best part of my days were when you would be upset, and I could find a way to make you laugh or smile.

Jezreel Amica— Oh jazzy, you’re so sweet and goofy, you brighten the world wherever you go. I just hope eventually you will bring yourself up to Ky so we can hang out.

John Stepp— You were so calm, it kept us in check. I enjoyed learning more about you as the week progressed. You changed the way I thought about people. I can’t wait to see you in the halls next year.

Franey Miller— I learned a lot bout you and I know working with you on yearbook will be bunches of fun. You have more passion in your pinky than most people have in their whole body.

Erica Reeves— You kept us laughing, I felt like you were such a mediator, but that did not stop you from being a strong, opinionated person, I really respect that. Without you, we would not have been anywhere near as close as we were and will be for the rest of our lives.

Victoria Ballengee— You are energtic *1000 you are so fun to be around and a room with you in it is a happy room. You deserve the best in life. Just so you know.

Micah thought we were gonne la’die in Mammoth Cave, turns out I’m gonna la’die not having you guys to eat breakfast with at DUC.

Keep in touch.

–Charley Nold

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