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Writing is in Sydney Tucker’s blood


By Ciara Grandberry

In a room with plenty of loud teenagers, Sydney Tucker doesn’t have as much to say.

She’s quiet.

Once approached, Tucker’s silly personality comes out. It was writing that brought Tucker out of her shell. “A lot of people say I have a wonderful personality,” she said.

Tucker found an interest in writing through her friends and family.

It all began when Tucker was in the sixth grade. She started making friends and they started talking about different books and different types of writing.

“Once I figured out I had an interest in different style of writing, I decided to follow in my mother footsteps,” she said. “Once I find interest in something, I have to try it out and see if I really like it or not.”

Her mother is an author and her father is an illustrator.

“My parent really have taught me a lot about writing,” she said. One of the books the Tucker family published was called “Up to Bat.”

It’s a kid’s book for autism children and families.

Tucker, 15, is the oldest out of four kids with sister named Danyelle and two brothers — DJ and Dominique. Sydney is the only of the Tucker children without autism.

“It is so fun having brothers and sisters but my brothers are very annoying and my sister is very nice and loving,” she said. “Having artistic siblings isn’t so easy.”

“Up to Bat” also describes how different autism families are from other families.

“People really don’t understand what autistic family have to go through,” she said. “All autistic children are here for a reason”

Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Tucker said her childhood was OK, b ut that she didn’t have many friends because she was shy and quiet.

“I’m also a great listener,” she said. “That’s another reason why I’m so shy and quiet.”

Tucker is a rising sophomore honor roll student at DuPont Manual High School in Louisville.

“I try to keep a good GPA so I can get accepted into a great college,” she said.

Tucker’s favorite hobbies are shopping, reading books and field action in track and field. She throws the shot put.

“Its kind of weird because I hate being outside, but I love shot put,’ she said. “I’ve been playing for three years. Shot put is about growing, building strength and balance and you also have to remember the techniques.”

However, Tucker wants to become a lawyer for a simple reason.

“I love how the system and justice works for others and others can walk away in victory,” she said.

Tucker also believes that the types of writing styles and reading books will help her in the legal field.

“I am looking forward to becoming a lawyer and helping people win justice,” she said.








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Writing is in Sydney Tucker’s blood