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Profile: Gwen Hatcher

duPont Manual High School

Gwen Hatcher knew singing would play a big role in her life as early as the fourth grade. She recalls a moment when she won a coveted spot in a choir, despite stiff competition from a rival.

 “The student and I have always competed against each other. Once I won, I was proud that I had finally beat her at something,” Hatcher said.

 Now, as a 16-year-old rising senior at Bowling Green High, she continues to sing choir and a cappella. 

 “It’s really fun. Sometimes we’ll just break out and sing and it’s really funny,” Hatcher said.

Hatcher has especially taken a liking to her a cappella group and the people she has befriended through it.

“The people are outgoing and willing to be your friend,” Hatcher said. “They make everyone feel welcome; that’s probably the reasons why I have been doing it for so long,” 

Singing has played a major role in Hatcher’s life, but she has deliberated over other career paths, especially journalism.

Her dad was a photojournalist and a Western Kentucky University alumnus, so she grew up hearing about journalism. 

“He had me start at an early age,” Hatcher said. 

Both of her parents encouraged her to take a journalism class in the sixth grade, but scheduling conflicts kept her from going any further in journalism until high school. 

 “I kept journalism in my head,” Hatcher said, “and in my sophomore year, I applied for the school newspaper and got in.” 

Hatcher works as a writer on the school newspaper, The Purple Gem. She has been on its staff for two years.

Hatcher said she would like to be a reporter so she can focus on feature writing. 

She still finds herself juggling music and journalism, but hopes she can continue to do both.

Inspired by a picture of an Oregon waterfall, Hatcher hopes to eventually live there. 

Until then, she has plans to stay in Bowling Green to attend Western Kentucky University to take full advantage of its accomplished journalism program and student publications. 

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Profile: Gwen Hatcher